Ideary: Store & Organize Your Ideas Online

Ideary is a new web app with a very simple concept. It provides you an online place to store and organize ideasĀ  so you can easily keep track of them and easily access when needed. After you create a free account, you can start adding ideas to the list. In addition to giving your note a title, you can include a detailed description via a rich text editing surface.

You can also add multiple tags to your ideas, separated by comma. When you want to view your stored ideas, you can browse them in a list form or in a cloud tag format. Moreover it lets you customize the color of your tags for easy recognition and set the number of ideas you want to see per page.
organize your ideas


  • A dead simple app to store ideas.
  • Give your idea a title and multiple tags.
  • Color your tags for easy recognition.
  • Browse your ideas in a list or tag cloud format.
  • Similar site: Wridea.

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