Ifttt Recipes That Help You Save Money

IFTTT is an essential, easy-to-use tool that lets you automate your tech life. Using the simple form “If this, then that,” you can set up triggers from a host of websites that prompt all sorts of actions; we’ve shown you how to automate your web life and supercharge your iPhone with IFTTT before.

Since IFTTT has added even more channels and expanded its possibilities, today we’re going to take a financial focus and see how you can use recipes to save money. You might not use every service showcased, but there’s bound to be a few tricks in here that will save you some cash! If you haven’t gotten set up with IFTTT yet, do so before proceeding with our ultimate IFTTT guide and move onto the recipes when you’re ready!

Get Notified About Free Media

We all love apps (check out the best ones on Android or awesome iOS 8 app updates), books, music, and other forms of digital media available on iTunes and Google Play, but sometimes the best of these cost money. If you’re patient, something you wanted to buy might drop down to the low, low price of free. Christian collected some recipes that alert you to free media on app stores. Here are some highlights:

Control Your Thermostat

We’ve been writing about smart home topics for a few months at MakeUseOf, and the Nest Thermostat is one of the best tools to start automating your home life. Of course, IFTTT has a suite of controls for use with your Nest to make it even smarter. Use these recipes to control your thermostat when away and save money on your energy bills.

Even More Savings

A lot of the other savings opportunities don’t fit into a category, but they’re all still awesome:

Automated Savings

IFTTT is truly one of the best free tools for any user. Hopefully this collection of money and time-saving recipes held something for you. Don’t forget that any script listed here can be edited once you save it as your own; if the recipe calls for an iOS notification to be sent and you have an Android device, for instance, you can easily make that change.

Looking for even more IFTTT recommendations? Check out its useful combinations with Google Calendar, as well as other awesome general-purpose recipes.

How do you use IFTTT to save money? What other recipes would you add to this list? Leave a comment below and let’s help each other save even more!

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