Improve Your Snapchat Videos With Emojis on Moving Objects

The folks over at Snapchat continue to find interesting new ways for you to share photos and videos with friends. Its latest allows you to actually attach an emoji to a moving object in a video and have it stay there.

Here’s how to make use of the new feature on your Android device (the feature hasn’t rolled out on iOS as of this writing, though the should arrive at any point, and the method will be the same).


First, you’ll need to record a video, as you would any other time you wanted to share one in Snapchat. Once done, tap the sticker button on the top of the screen. Now, move the emoji over the object to which you want it stuck, then give it a long press to lock it to that object.

Once you have it locked it, Snapchat will automatically have it follow the object as it moves around in the video. This can used just for fun, or to block someone’s face who you don’t want seen.

To get the feature on Android, you simply need to update the app from Google Play. For iOS users, patience is the word on this one.

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Image Credit: 360b via ShutterStock

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