iNaturalist: Community Driven Site For All Kinds Of Nature Photos

Nature lovers rejoice, because we have found an amazing website, Android and iPhone application that is tailor-made for people who love photographing interesting things they discover in nature. iNaturalist offers a way for users to snap images of things found in the wild using their Android or iPhone device, and add information about the photo.

all kinds of nature photos

If you don’t have all the information about a photo, you can put it out there and let your fellow naturalists come and fill in the scientific information that they know. You can take the pictures from anywhere, geotag them, and upload them to the website. Geotagging allows the website to find out exactly where you are in the world so it can add the picture accordingly.


You can also view pictures from other users. There are lots of beautiful pictures from around the world. There are many different species of animals available on the website. For some, it even adds in the Wikipedia article so you can find out more about the animal.


  • Upload images directly from your Android and iPhone device.
  • Free application and website.
  • View photos from other users.
  • Allow other users to add information about your photo.

Find iNaturalist @, the iTunes App Store and the Android Marketplace

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