Instapaper Updates Chrome Extension With Highlighting, Inline Buttons

Instapaper makes it easy to create and manage bookmarked articles that are synced across various devices, waiting for you to read those later. And if you are a Google Chrome user, then there’s good news as the Instapaper extension has got a major update with a bunch of new features.

With the Chrome extension installed, you can not only bookmark a page but also highlight a key paragraph from it, for easy reference when you revisit the article. “Simply highlight a key chunk of text, right-click it and choose ‘Save to Instapaper’ from the right-click menu, and your selection will be the Instapaper description for the article,” Instapaper says. And if you want to read those articles offline, get Chromapaper.

You get an option of “Save to Instapaper” in the right-click context menu now, which works on pages as well as links. Saving bookmarks has also been made easier with keyboard shortcuts—Cmd+Shift+S on Mac and Ctrl+Shift+S on Windows.

Additionally, four popular websites—Twitter, Reddit, Hacker News and USV—will show an Instapaper button in their content. For example, on Twitter, you will see an inline Instapaper button next to Retweet and Favourite, like this:


Both the keyboard shortcuts and the inline buttons can be toggled through the new Options menu, accessed by right-clicking the Instapaper icon in your Chrome extensions toolbar. And Instapaper also syncs settings across Chrome browsers, provided you are signed in with a Google account.

You can grab the new Instapaper extension from the Chrome Web Store. Or, if Instapaper isn’t your cup of tea, you might want to give Pocket a try.

Source: Instapaper | Image credit: cote

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