iOS Apps on Sale for March 8: Boxer, Deus Ex & Multiplayer Fun

App Store promotions are like buses – you can wait weeks for a decent app to drop in price and then eight come along at once. This week we have a healthy mix of time-saving email clients, note-taking apps and cloud-storage tools as well as the usual time-wasters in the form of Deus Ex: The Fall and a cross-platform cyberpunk shooter.

So sit back and grab yourselves some bargains before we do it all over again next Friday. If you’ve got an Android device, don’t miss our weekly Android roundup too.


Boxer ($5.99, now $0.99)

We’ve reviewed and been impressed by Boxer in the past, so it’s nice to see the $5.99 app on sale for a mere dollar in a bid to help more people reach inbox zero. The idea here is speed and efficiency – using gestures like swipes, integration with services like Evernote and Dropbox and full label support for Gmail accounts, Boxer attempts to rethink the way you do email on your tablet.

UpWord Notes ($0.99, now free)

As demonstrated by the slightly painful to watch video above, UpWord Notes is designed to be a fast and efficient note-taking app that focuses on speed and efficiency. The app allows you to set reminders for note, organise items into folders and favourites and the whole thing syncs with Dropbox so you have a backup of what’s most important in the cloud.

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Cloudier ($2.99, now free)

A third-party, unofficial iOS client for CloudApp, Cloudier puts your frequent cloud storage needs at your fingertips, on your iPhone. The developers claim to have given an “insane level of care” to the way the app looks and behaves on each screen, while retaining full functionality with the sharing and storage service.

Turbo Invoice ($4.99, now free)

Invoice like a boss from your iPhone with Turbo Invoice, an app that make billing clients easy wherever you are. Whether you’re working in the field or simply a little forgetful, the ability to generate an invoice from your iPhone will be of great relief to discerning contractors among you.


Deus Ex: The Fall ($6.99, now $0.99)

A winner of countless awards, receiving plenty of praise and admiration from press and fans alike, Deus Ex: The Fall is a pretty good example of how to take a PC game mobile. The action RPG provides you with a choice between action and stealth gameplay, a cunning control scheme and hours of game to play through in the way you best see fit. If you don’t have it already, now is a great time to pick it up on sale.

Omicron ($0.99, now free)

Some of the best multiplayer games on the iPad use local competitive play to devastating effect – check out Space Team if you don’t believe me. Omicron uses a similar mechanism in a colour-based puzzle game that provides three distinct game modes to play through. This is just the iPhone version, so it won’t look great on an iPad.

Strike Wing: Raptor Rising ($0.99, now free)

If 3D space combat is your thing, you’ll undoubtedly lament the lack of space combat and exploration games in development these days, but you’ll probably enjoy Strike Wing. Pilot a wide array of ships – from nimble fighters to heavy bombers – on a variety of adaptable missions, against a variety of beautiful cosmic backdrops. Oh, and it’s free for now.

Neon Shadow ($0.99, now free)

Inspired by classic shooters like Quake III Arena comes Neon Shadow, a self-proclaimed “cyber punk FPS” with both cross-platform multiplayer and local split-screen iPad two-player action on the same tablet. The game fuses frantic fast-paced shootouts with beautiful graphics and an in-game soundtrack from Abducted by Sharks. Currently free, and highly recommended.

That’s all for this week, check back next week for more Apps on Sale!

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