iPhone 5 Cases Are Arriving In Retail Stores [News]

For the last few months everyone has been clamoring for any information on the iPhone 5. Rumors are all over the place claiming all kinds of crazy things about the new phone. People say it will be thinner, some say it will look the same and just be like an iPhone 4. Apple has been playing their cards close and not releasing any information about the device. It almost seems like they are toying with Apple fans to generate more hype.

Fortunately, I have a friend who owns a franchise of a major cell phone accessory retailer, and he has some iPhone 5 cases in stock, and he was kind enough to let me check them out. The first thing I noticed about the case is that it is a little bigger than the iPhone 4, possibly meaning a bigger screen. It is also thinner. I would compare the depth to the newest generation iPod touches.

Another major design change is that the mute switch is on the opposite side of the device as the volume controls. Ever since the original iPhone, the mute switch has always been on the same side as the volume, but if the designs of these cases are to be believed it looks like that is going to change.

This is some great news for two reasons: we now know a little bit more about the design of the device, and if retailers are starting to receive cases we can only assume that the device will be hitting stores sooner rather than later. Keep in mind though that these cases are from a third-party, not Apple, so at this point it still needs to be treated as a rumor.

Check out all of the pictures for a side by side comparison with an iPhone 4 and additional photos of the cases.

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The following pictures show the iPhone 5 case compared to an iPhone 4 case.

These next pictures show the volume buttons without the vibrate switch and the vibrate switch on the opposite side of the phone.

Here are pictures of an iPhone 4 sitting inside the iPhone 5 case.

Source: Danbury Cellairis Facebook, Twitter and first hand contact with cases.

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