Iphone Xr Review: 1 Week Later… Is It That Bad?

What’s going on everyone this is DOM and today we’re talking about the iPhone 10 our and my experience with it over the last week lately a lot of people have had a lot of negative things to say about the iPhone 10 are and I think there’s a lot of misunderstandings or misconceptions happening with this device and overall I.

Mean I personally think that it’s a pretty good phone with a few conditions so the iPhone 10 R is rocking a 6.

1 inch display with a resolution of 1792 by 828 and yes that is sub 1080p and a.

Lot of people have been super angry about this fact but honestly it’s really not that bad at all it’s rocking a 326 PPI which is the same as the iPhone 8 in the iPhone 7 and things like that having an LCD panel over an OLED panel really hasn’t bothered me at all I mean yes the.

Blacks are deeper and yadda-yadda on an OLED panel like we see on the iPhone 10s but really it’s it’s still a really good vibrant accurate colorful panel.

With the iPhone 10 R and I just I can’t complain at that point one thing that I will ding about the display is the fact that we don’t have 3d touch here as we’ve seen on previous devices and yes it is different so they have something new called haptic touch which doesn’t feel the same at all basically.

It’s just a long press on a button to get some of that functionality but you don’t have the same 3d touch functionalities that you do on app icons it’s just like things like the flashlight and the camera on the lock screen you.

Can long press on you get the slight little buzz or vibration when it comes into play and it just doesn’t feel the same to me it’s it’s kind of weird to get used to overall I guess I can deal with it but it is.

Definitely one negative thing to say about this phone if you’re used to using 3d touch of course a lot of people from the specs Brigade are going to complain about the fact that the 10r has three gigabytes of RAM versus four gigabytes of RAM in the more expensive models but honestly I personally haven’t seen it make that big of a difference to me it really just doesn’t iowa’s twelve is freaking bomb calm so take that.

For what it’s worth but I don’t think that anybody out there that’s just looking for a good iPhone it’s going notice that now in this iPhone 10 our review universe I’d like you to just kind of push aside the iPhone 10s or iPhone 10 or anything like that and just think of this in terms of an upgrade to the iPhone eight right because that’s where it makes a lot of sense at I mean this starts out at seven hundred and forty.

Nine dollars and what you’re getting for that price in comparison to the.

Other aluminum built phones that we’ve seen from Apple it’s actually not that bad at all everybody seemed to complain about how costly the iPhone 10 and iPhone 10s and 10’s Macs are but then when they released something that’s less expensive at seven hundred and forty nine dollars then everybody complains that that’s too much money.

For what you’re getting here but.

Honestly I have to disagree with all that and of course we do have things like face ID here there’s no home button on the iPhone 10 are it basically performs just like an iPhone 10 in terms of its feature set with the speed and performance of the iPhone 10s if that means anything to you more importantly let’s talk about that camera.

On the back side because there is only one of them which might be a shocker to some people but you know apples gonna cut corners where they can I suppose to get the price to where they want it so they can make enough profit right but we do have one single back camera and for me that’s not a big deal because I honestly don’t use optical zoom a whole.

Lot at all but what’s cool about this back camera is that we still do get portrait mode without that second camera so it’s all done via software and it still looks just as good in fact pictures on this camera look just as good as they do on the iPhone 10s or tennis Mac’s it’s the same.

Camera I mean there’s really no difference here aside from the fact that you cannot take portrait shots unless it’s a person so you can’t do a cool portrait shot of like a flower or anything like that it just won’t work because of these software limitations in the iPhone 10 owner one point to examine here is also with battery life and I have to say the iPhone 10.

Are has been performing just as well as the iPhone 10s max in terms of battery life for me and make it throughout the without any problems at all and I kind of like that it’s the middle ground between the 10s.

And the 10s Max and right slap-dab there in the middle you have the iPhone 10 are over although I really can’t complain a whole lot I mean I think that the value proposition is amazing with the iPhone 10 are especially for people that are new to iPhone or people that are upgrading from an older iPhone like the iPhone 5 6.

6 s 7 you know things like that this is a perfectly good device and it’s definitely Apple’s best value to date so anyway I want to know what you think about the iPhone 10 R be sure to drop me a comment below let me know your thoughts about this whole thing whether you love it you hate it I don’t know.

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