Iphone Xr Review // Barely Worth It?

Me in the ass well tickle my pickle and pop a pimple I had some serious animosity towards the 10r even during my first 24 hours with it but by the second day dude I became a believer belieber and I think most of it was directed towards that weird 1792 by 8:20 resolution like on the first day I thought.

Gonna cut a finger on those jagged pixels but by the second day my eyes adjusted and it actually looks fine now but yeah side by side with a qHD resolution display it’s like the difference.

Between being drunk and stone-cold sober it’s a 6.

1 inch display with slightly bigger bezels on the other iPhone tens so it’s a little bit bigger than the 10s but smaller than the 10s max I still prefer the size of the 10s but it’s for sure been easier to manage than the bigger 10s max it’s an LCD display which depending on who you ask which is me in this case I guess is a pretty big downgrade for most modern phones and more or less the same price range so compared to other phones with OLED.

Displays it doesn’t get quite as bright the colors aren’t as punchy and contrast.

Know what Apple did a pretty legit job with calibration like for an LCD display it’s probably one of the best out there we got a bunch of new colors to choose from I really wanted the blue and the red but I’m a Jew so just one please thank you Shalom and instead of a stainless steel frame we get aluminum but do I care about getting an aluminum frame on phones hundreds of dollars more no and I don’t think you should.

Either because really the only difference is that it’s just less slippery and not as shiny anyways it still has that I’m better than you premium Apple feel and look when you’re using it so if you’re worried about it feeling like a cheaper iPhone.

It doesn’t we still get dual speakers and to me they sound just as good as the 10s or 10s Max and still gets loud enough to drown out your voice while you’re singing along to Shakira in the shower what performance has been really close to the other iPhone tens.

With the same 812 ionic CPU but with three gigs of ram instead of four and I think the only difference I’ve noticed is that scrolling feels just a tad bit smoother on the 10s and 10’s max but other than I haven’t noticed any issues we get one less camera on the 10r with the standard wide-angle lens and personally I rarely use the zoom lens on phones.

Like if I need to zoom in I just take a few steps forward that’s how I zoom in with bones anyways it’s a 20-18 iPhone so it’s gonna take.

Great pictures there’s no arguing that dynamic range is still right up there colors look great and.

It still does an awesome job preserving highlights portrait mode.

Is still great regardless that there’s lack of a.

Second camera for additional depth mapping and now you.

Can really nail those edges by feathering out imperfections before taking the shot and that’s the same for both the front and rear facing cameras battery life has been great for me most days I can get a day and a half but when they go a little harder on it than I normally.

Do I usually need a charger before I go to bed I mean all.

I ask for with battery life is for it to last me a full day anything beyond that it’s just bonus time for me and that’s what I think most of you’ll get with a 10 are wrapping.

Up recommending the 10 are is a weird one for me because if you compare it to Android phones in the same price range for 800 bucks I’d say.

Elsewhere but if you’re fairly invested in iOS and don’t care about the highest quality display and a.

You to the Apple Store myself but what do you guys think like did Apple go too far charging $800 for a phone with a low resolution display and no second camera and a smaller battery or do you think it’s a fair price for what you get from you come and let me know anyways I think.

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