Iphone Xs Max Casetify Impact Drop Test + Iphone Xs Max Giveaway!

Hey how you doing guys stay here I hope you are all doing well and as you probably guessed from the title of this video today I’m going to be posting some iPhone 10s Max cases to the test by doing some real-world drop tests as well as giving one away thanks to the guys over a case to five so.

Let’s not waste any more time and roll the intro so.

My good friends over at keister ficus and such recently as they wanted to collaborate on.

Video to help promote their new range of impact cases for the iPhone 10s and 10’s max the impact cases.

Are military-grade protective.

Cases with a two-layer construction of Qi Tech and innovative shockproof material that helps make them 2 x military-grade drop proof.

The Qi Tech material is the rigid clear structure you can see here around the edge.

Of the case it makes the impact cases.

Really tough and adds durability it can also withstand high temperature transitions although you’re unlikely to ever really put that to the test the cases come with a stand drops of up to.6 feet absorbing impacts from the drops entirely in the case and protecting the phone the cases come in a variety of different styles and designs including a clear one if you just.

Want to show off your iPhone’s design both all of them are scratch resistance which I’ll be putting to the test in a minute and are also the world’s slimmest military-grade protection cases coming in at ten point five millimeters thin on the front of the cases there’s a bezel to help protect the.

Screen and the cases have no issues when it comes to wireless charging this cutouts in all of the right.

Still feel nice and tactile I’ve tried out a lot of case defi products in the past and the quality is always top notch which is the same case here each product is made to order and hand inspected to keep quality control to the high standard they hold themselves to but the question is how protective can this actually be well rather than doing crazy over-the-top drop tests I thought I’d test the cases out with real-world scenarios I’ve come up with five common ways people break their phones by dropping them to see how protective these cases really.

Are thankfully case to fire so confident in their cases ability to absorb impacts that they sent over a brand new iPhone Sena smacks for me to put them to the test first I want to test out the retrieval.

Fumble I think everyone has done this you know we either.

Got your phone out of your pocket or purse it slips up your hand and comes crashing to the ground so first I want to test dropping it from waist height [Laughter] so after this first test I’m not too worried about the body but the screen was my main concern which thankfully seems to have been protected by that lip on the back it’s absolutely fine no scratches whatsoever there’s some scuffs on the corner with a case took the brunt of the impact but nothing too major.

And it’s pretty hard to see on camera the phone is functioning no problem another way I see a lot of people breaking their phones it’s one getting out of their car for some reason people keep their iPhones on their lap bus driving which you shouldn’t by the way but then forgetting about it and sending it flying we’re getting out of the car okay so again the back of the case is completely fine.

Not a single scratch even though it’s been slid across that tarmac at least four times there’s a lot of scuffs to the top of the case and.

The sides are all fine and most importantly the phone is perfectly fine as well next is the tabletop tumble keeping your.

Phone on a table seems safe enough that is and so you realize how easy it is for someone to bump it and knock it to the ground you after those drops onto the stone floors.

In the kitchen it’s really going to test how well a case protects the screen and there doesn’t seem to be any additional scuffs.

On the case 75% of Americans admit to using their phone in the bathroom that’s fine and dandy but if you take your iPhone into the bathroom you risk dropping it into the toilet yeah I’m not trying that at the top or the.

Sink even after all of those drops the case and the phone.

Seems perfectly fine finally it’s the big one if you’re not vertically impaired like me under the heights of the average heavyweight boxer what happens when you drop it from the height after dropping.6 feet which we measured out the case on the phone are completely fine.

There’s some scuffing to the edges of the case especially on top see if we can get that in shot.

But overall the phone is perfectly fine not to scratch these cases.

Really are amazing I wasn’t too sure to begin with because the case just seemed too thin to offer much protection but as we can see thanks to the case to fight impact case the phone.

Is completely fine well there you have it the cases did their job extremely well and thankfully protected the iPhones NS max I don’t know what I would have done if a broken of the phone case defy also want to give you the chance to win a brand new 64 gig iPhone Cenis max in gold along with a bundle pack of their best selling cases and a credit to the winner so they can create their own customized cases for a chance of winning check out the gleam.

Link in the description down below where you’ll find a number of different ways to enter including subscribing.

To the channel and following case defy on Facebook the competition will run for two weeks as I want to give everyone a fair.

Chance of seeing this video and entering and will end on the 16th of November unfortunately this competition is only open to those in the US also if you’d like to just.

Pick up a case or customize your own I’ll leave a link in the description down below to their website well.

That’s it for this video but I like to give a huge thank you to the guys over at case – 5 – sponsoring this giveaway and for allowing us to put their impact cases.

To the test they’re absolutely awesome cases and case defy is a great brand in general so make sure to show them some love Leandra is also running an iphone sent our giveaway on the channel so make sure to go and.

Check that out before I go I want to say thank you to each and every viewer and subscriber over the years everyone who supported the channel as this will be my last ever video for Cult of.

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