Iphone Xs Max Unboxing Ni Mareng Camille! (nosebleed!)

Let me see let me see let me see in English [Laughter] yeah whoa what’s the smell of that you do new plastic of Apple it’s like a smell of your friend plastic oh my goodness what is your first reaction it’s not yours yet you have to review it in English first and end this freaking blog before you what.

Is your first impression – that you model iPhone which.

Is is there any changes compared to – X how.

A review but the all that it’s the adapter behind it whoa until his family and you had said I thought the new I said will be Wireless like there’s a Wyatt cork of the charger yeah no charger yeah oh yeah first are gonna just the English ones yeah English one take your keyboard next oh wait so now I play it’s not connected oh how are you how are you English is.

Very difficult my friends if you’re new to this channel welcome to the value of the wires yeah and I hope now she’s fixing there some sort of I don’t know what I’m saying but the thing is I’m speaking English so we’re all good here let’s check this all papers here I need my awkward life oh your Apple ID what’s your Apple ID we have different.

Kinds of paper with different directions oh no and so what do you think if you have the phone it’s very easy just very fast it’s because it’s new then.

It’s beautiful to our eyes but for me it’s.

Just the same as this because I know that you for me it’s just the same how about wanted me up the phone it’s the big cancer it’s the big question from you guys how about the quality of the camera the coordinated the audio and what is the picture so or each other according to Google iPhone XS max comes from 6.50 inch touchscreen display oh 6.

5 inches or 8 pixels for you and the processor is hexa core and.

The front camera is 7 make up pixel wow that’s a no-no mafia hell so the front cam is very good at how about that the Baha the rear camera it’s 12 megapixel plus how about.

The video the quality of the video is oh yeah then you what’s up this is very pricey I don’t know I buy it is very.

Good quality no picture partygoer of a sunlight night Emma again I’m picture for me sunlight sigh so what are the things you want to say to them are you going to recommend this.

Thing or just stick with me no [Laughter] No my goodness it also likes my god what’s your there I’ve got I don’t worry.