Is A Bachelor’s Degree A Financially Viable Choice?

Is A Bachelor’s Degree A Financially Viable Choice?

As time has gone on, the cost of going to school for a degree How To Turn A Liberal Arts Degree Into A Great Tech Career If you’re interested in technology, a Liberal Arts degree can be a great thing to have. The trick is to play to your strengths, minimize your weaknesses, and realize you are capable of contributing. Read More has become much more expensive. In spite of that, more and more people are going to university to earn a bachelor’s degree, which makes it seem like you need to go even further to really make it a good investment Why You Shouldn’t Take Investment Advice from The Pirate Bay It’s almost a rule. The shadier the site you visit, the shadier the advertising will be. Ergo, you should never use the Pirate Bay’s ads for planning your financial future. Read More .

Is this really the case, or does getting a bachelor’s degree still generate a good return on investment? Check out the infographic Shig

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