Is Apple Love Bleeding Your Bank Account Dry? Turn In Your Old Device For Credit [Update]

turn in apple computerAs the release of the iPad 3 reminds us, keeping up with the latest Apple gadget isn’t easy. They have a nasty tendency to do yearly updates, and since their devices aren’t cheap, being a fan is expensive. That’s not even counting the sick days you took from work to stand in line for the next iPad!

Apple is not unsympathetic to your plight. The company offers a Reuse and Recycle program that can be used to turn in your old device for a gift card which can, of course, be directly applied to the purchase of a new iPad 3. According to the site, you could receive up to $320 in credit – if you have a fully functional, unblemished iPad 2 64GB with WiFi and 3G.

turn in apple computer

Most devices will be worth less, of course, but even an older iPad 16GB Wi-Fi in good condition will net you $110. And you’re not limited to just tablets – old iPhones, Macs and MacBooks are eligible as well. You can even turn in an old Windows computer, though the value you’ll be given for it is pretty low.

There are some other options you should consider if you’d like to “trade in” your old device. Sites like BuyMyTronics offer slightly higher prices. For example, the iPad 2 64GB with WiFi and 3G is worth about $360 in excellent condition, which is a nice bump.

Another alternative, of course, is selling as used on Craigslist, Amazon or another site. It may seem like a hassle, but don’t dismiss it without some thought. Even a used first-generation 16GB iPad nets at least $240 on Amazon, which is almost double the best offer from any trade-in program.

Of course, going through Apple gives you the happiness of quickly obtaining a gift card directly from the company. So if you’re impatient, go for it.

Source: Mashable

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