Is This Really Skype? Skype 4.0 For Android Looks Nothing Like Skype For Android [Updates]

What’s new in Skype 4.0 for Android? In one word, everything. At least, that’s the claim on the app’s page in Google Play. Indeed, the new Skype for Android is significantly different from its predecessor and features a much simpler and cleaner design, which seems to be strongly influenced by Skype’s Modern version for Windows Phone.

The new Skype for Android is not about new features. In fact, you won’t find many of those in Skype 4.0. If anything, there are less feature than in previous versions, with less contact list view modes and less availability statuses. The real difference between the old Skype and the new is in look and feel, and it definitely looks and feels different, as you can see in the screenshots below (old on the left, new on the right).

Gone is the classic Skype start screen with its Contacts, Recent, Call Phones and Profile buttons. Your Skype home screen is now your recent communications, which you can swipe left and right to access your favorite contacts, and your entire list of contacts. When it comes to filtering contacts, you can now only view all of them at once, or only those who are online at the moment.

Calling, texting, and viewing your profile are now done via buttons you can find on the top and bottom of the screen. While the features and information displayed are mostly the same, the interface itself is almost unrecognizable.

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Skype for Android now also includes free and unlimited video messaging, a feature which also arrived on iOS not so long ago. If a contact is not available to talk at the moment, you can hit the record button to record a video message instead, and send it along just like any IM.

Skype for Android is continuing to improve over the years, and this new update looks like another step in the right direction. Microsoft seems to be taking its entire mobile line in the direction of Modern UI, which might not sit well with its haters, but the overall feel of the app is cleaner and less cluttered.

Download: Skype 4.0 on Google Play

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