Is Top Rank Boxing Dead

What up what up what up it’s your boy corner ed and we back for some more that I Leland boxes talk peoples yeah today we talking is top ranked boxing did you know I was strolling around there and that you know creeping around little plus some interesting topics so up on the tubes and came across this one you.

Right boxing dead you know in the age of you know pay-per-view being being done with pretty much you know just a handful of pay-per-view fighters left in the age of boxing apps in the age of streaming in the age of the.

Fire stick you know where does a promotional boxing promotional company like top-ranked where did they land you know after all of that you know recently losing their cash cow Manny Pacquiao you know the second biggest draw in boxing for the last 10.

15 years what does top rank go from her you know they still have turns Crawford left but turns Crawford has yet to sell a pay-per-view they still got room Michiko left no Michiko is doing.

Well they still have after that when it comes to martini names like big names there’s really nobody left out today you still got you know turns Crawford and you.

Still get a little Michiko I guess you could say Jeff horn you trying to sell a fight in Australia but uh you know where does top-ranked boxing.

Go prepare you know I know they move into ESPN which is.

The worldwide leader in you know but uh do they survive this whole you know switch over from pay-per-view do they survive too.

Into the 2020s you know are we still going to be seeing top-ranked boxing plastered all over everything you know we still gonna see Barbara I’m controlling you know certain fighters careers or.

Does top-ranked boxing fade away after the next five years you know does app you know app base boxes are streaming base boxes and killed off promotional companies like top ranked is everything going to and out you know is ESPN enough to save top right you know from whether the zone is doing and what uh you know the.

Fire sneakers are brought to everybody’s household you know you don’t have to go back pay-per-view anymore you know at the back or pay for table anymore if.

You don’t want to you know unless you just try to make it extremely convenient for yourself you got some kids you can’t keep no kids attention for two seconds so but uh you know this top ranked actually survive.

This new age of boxes is the top ranks ESPN deal enough to move them and into the into the next generation of boxing you know or this.

Bob or lead to ship to where the Titanic went you know I’m really not sure.

Not not at this moment you know I think the the ESPN deal was a great move for top ranked you know I think they knew that the what was going on with HBO was eventually coming and they were no longer going to be able to put that fights on HBO anymore and they had to move on to another TV network but as far as top ranked being completely out of the box of business maybe not for the next five years you know.

Really the question is really did what does top ranked do because mommy can’t go I feel like his career he got about five more yours is curry returns Crawford has about the same who do you side next you know who’s this your next big guy who’s that next big name was going to come.

Along and carry that top ring battle we know Manny Pacquiao did it for 15 years plus so and he did it very well made barber I’m.

The question is who’s the next name if if Terence Crawford can’t become a household name which he has a.

The moment but if you can’t become a household name like a Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather who is that next big guy you know right now like I said you hold weight because you still have two of the biggest boxers of this generation which is turns Crawford and low.

Guys are gone you really have nothing left Bob top rank really has nothing left after turns Crawford and a little bit chinky oh he’s got to steal with him or PBC guys or you know you know.

The people who decided would dissolve seem like they’re pretty happy no their contracts are locked up so you know who I do see moving uh but i’ma save that for another video man but uh who does top-ranked move on to man leave me a comment below you know check out the description box we’re gonna pick up some boxing dirt as allele.
And boxing talk and we had a..

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