Jewelry Stocking Stuffers For The Kids!| Gift Idea!|

Alright guys for the holidays I have some free package glitz bags is what we’re gonna call them they’re mystery bags for the little ones these will cost three dollars and they’re mystery bags there are bracelet a bracelet of a necklace and non necklace no nonononono there’s a kid’s bracelet earrings and a ring and a little secret of something.

Else and there as well three dollars if you’re interested message me blitz bag and we’ll get it for you this will be great for our stocking stuffers and just a extra gift for the holidays so I’ll show you.

What see this one right here has a little keychain Aleutian a little extra surprise in there I literally don’t know this a bracelet and look it has this little post with the beads the rhinestones around it very pretty it’s stretchable and it has the Eiffel Towers of course is not the thing we are towers and when these packet this is ordered.

Anybody orders the Blitz bags they will get it already ready for the holidays cute little room Marikina actually but this is a mystery back so you don’t get to pick what’s.

Inside it there but all of them do have like a ring and then a little headband but all of them have one ring one bracelet.

And some a pair of earrings so three dollars plus shipping just message me blitz back well let’s bag ladies come on let’s get this shopping going we have ok Google how many days left till Christmas on the website your Christmas countdown calm they say or if there are 25 days in two hours that would be 26 states left until Christmas.

Okay Google told you all all right you guys have a blast night message me ladies adios.

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