Kenya To Take Bold Steps In Pursuit Of Balanced Trade With China – Cs Juma

This upcoming visit by the president was to China and one of the issues that is in focus is an agreement that will basically boost the amount of agricultural product especially horticulture that we’re able to you know export to China how have you for how long have you been working on that well we’ve been working on growing our export.

For a while now we now have an export promotion policy and we are very delighted that we are one of very few countries I think only five on the African continent that are going to have an exhibition in Shanghai the president will lead the delegation which signifies the importance that he attaches to this and.

The point here is really to address the imbalance in the trade and to open up the Chinese market to our goods and services as you know the Chinese market is one of the largest and we have been having a very small quantum of trade going into the Chinese market because of a relationship with China which is improving by the day we intend to improve the access to that market and that is why we will.

Be having a strong delegation into the China import exhibition this year talking of the trade balance we realized I think the first five months or so this year.
The experts are exposed to China have grown 7.

5% estimates we have equally their imports are going to about where about 8.
2 percent to what extent do you think this new argument would further boost our exports to China it will I mean as I’ve.
Indicated we are talking about both the range of products going into.

China but also improving in terms of the quantum of the volume yeah so and we are very focused on this because we realize that we have to take advantage of the Chinese market it is a large market it is it is having a growing middle.

Class with disposable incomes but it there is also the quality of our goods that speaks to international standards so yes the intention is to bridge that gap and to narrow it as fast as possible.

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