Kenyan Publishers Distance Themselves From Erroneous Textbooks

We for the last one week I’ve seen quite a number of issues raised at around the quality and the content and the accuracy of the text books which either market today and the purpose of calling you today here is to clarify some of those issues and I would like us to be very clear that we are not here.

We are here to clarify and let the public know the truth so they can be safer the information that is coming through both the social media and the mainline media let me address myself specifically to.

The two two two four books which were widely circulated in the media one is a book that was talking about a helicopter and an MP landing and doing many things I would like to say this about that particular book first is nothing factually wrong with that passage secondly the passage should be looked at in the eyes of the child not in the eyes of the politician or in the eyes of us the.

Grown-ups don’t we have stories that talk about frogs talking chameleons talking lions chasing and becoming kings in the jungle do those kingdoms exist we create passages for the purposes of comprehension and in my own personal opinion I think.

That particular passage was blown out of proportion the second the publication was a publication that was showing a child working in a farm and according to the media there was no correct answer on the choice is given if the author of that particular media that particular media thing that was circulating had.

Paid enough attention to the page before that and the page before that he would have realized that this topic was on.

Child abuse the third one was the one.

That was showing that a picture of a head part of the body I had and the head is supposed to and the answer was a head we use our head for carrying load I completely concur that that is an unthinkable explanation of the use of an average African head I think our heads are not for carrying load.

We have a lot of uses for our heads and therefore there I say the media was correct this textbook is not a Kenyan textbook this textbook is not used in our curriculum in Kenya this textbooks this particular textbook comes from.

Ghana in West Africa she has nothing to do with our curriculum has nothing to do with our publishing houses there’s nothing to do with approval back a CD the fourth book which I saw today morning is a book difficult to talk about maybe of sinners talking about what mummy and daddy.

Do in their private lives again it’s a Kenyan book it’s not even enough freaking book the origin of that book is the u.

Cannot control Kenyan publishers what people bring out from outside the country as we speak.

In the middle of together with the Minister of Education of work on working with an.

AM policy instructional materials policy that will guide procurement and and and and actually how books are handled right from writing to procurement to usage in Kenya and that probably would address such books which are inappropriate finding their way into our schools.

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