Kik Messenger App Now Includes Built-in Browser

The latest iPhone and Android update of the smartphone messenger app and service, Kik, now includes a built-in web browser that allows users to do keyword searches and link directly to URLs without having to leave the app.

The browser update appears alongside other built-in Kik apps for searching images, memes, and YouTube videos, as well numerous games, such as South Park Sticker and 350 Coins—the latter two of which are in-app purchases.

The small but useful browser update is accessed in the sidebar by swiping right on the app’s homepage. Kik’s browser works like other traditional browsers in which users can input URLs and keyword searches in the same input window.

Kik games

The Kik browser also reveals any webpages that are optimized for Kik, such as videos and games.

Kik keeps a list of recent searches that can be reorganized and deleted at anytime. Pressing and holding on a recent search allows users to quickly share a link to another Kik user.

Kik share

One of the reasons for Kik’s popularity (of over a million users) is that it allows for instant messaging without the need for a phone number, but a user ID instead.

Kik was founded in 2009 by a group of University of Waterloo students who wanted to build a phone-based chat service. The app is also used for exchanging videos, sketches, stickers and more.

Kik’s Developer Tools enable developers to optimize, distribute, and monetize their web content. So the new built-in browser should mean more integrated apps being optimized for the service.

Source: Kik Blog

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