Klr 650 Walk Around

Real quick we’re just going to walk around on my 2008 KLR 650 had this plank for about three years I’ve had any issues whatsoever with it at all haven’t done anything that same oil previous owner dropped and give it some scratches right there three miles Lex I just washed it you know you put it away for the winter.

But not really anything wrong with it I put a phone mount on it and a cup holder my bike has five thousand.

Eight hundred nine point nine miles on.

It that binds pretty close to 7500 the.

Single cylinder 651 CC engine very sporty looking minute right it’s also got drunk in Sderot look dual.

Purpose I personally think that it’s a too heavy of a bike to be running off road too much you have more of a dual purpose to higher on it but I honestly don’t believe that it should be driven much more than a firm packed trail or dirt trail definitely not a really.

Good in the woods and then make three bikes for a reason so dirt bikes definitely better that’s just a little walk around on my 2008.

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