Knicks Open Practice

Ron Baker here we go she knocks two threes and he’s breakin getting warmed up we’ve gotta be played on or another weaving in practice more ways to collab with hair salon when we scrimmaged oops we’re gonna walk morally all right around the backwater money bitch hey don’t you hurt money making it bitch Oh whoa Oh they Bible washing.

The a man bitches had the bunnies for real so many exciting that birthday zanya with the soccer skills nobody said what percentages bank this friend like you wrong way yeah man right never to let you put on.

Weight man friendly like he got shoulders are not the same kid yeah no thanks for watching people much amount in my life and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel also Podcast is dropping onto mondays remember nigga time show the podcast is dropping on Tuesday on my soundcloud make sure you can follow that and me and CP will.

Be going live after the preseason game on Monday this is a game we be going live first game of the preseason to talk about what we see what we like we didn’t like taking calls.

From you guys mixtures the channel free also working on a new show together and keep on for that I know about Charmides he is spinach my bad movie too much team little there is little blurry this is better scrimmage is calling right now nah here we go Timmy Robinson on one side that that bird bird the ball right now that’s the Frank burger Frank tomorrow booty booty egg the ball ace trying to bully Frank J Mert.

Breaking down a defense trigger we know Mitch’s pose defense is gonna.

Be a problem was wet that’s all right we got you should work with the ball to raise the field that’s in pulls back past it going to knocks knocks hole in.

The bag duloxetine two long teammates are raising bill passes the money making.

Mitch looks like he’s in trouble has nowhere to go kicks it right back out that the hard way it calls for.

The bigamy but Mitch doesn’t set a real good pick go out to movie a movie a bucket SuperMario.

Coming down knocks if you get donors Frank to Mario Mario trade Frank to cancel Dina trigger trigger you know that was good mudiay surveys me tim hardaway surveys nice pearls fast moody head fakes goes in the middle.
Mudiay is layup still not here about the whole straight they.

Put some pressure on the defense surveys that had open lien what the passers-by tree see blue ticks bar bounds that’s looking gizzards Adiemus in his bullet pass passes arrive tray picks them up one man to beat that’s the easiest oh good foul Tim another charge man Horrocks and ruffians will be a feet move your feet natural right you see out there right now what I.

The Knicks are working on their cohesion we’re gonna come we are working on the chemistry so far no big analysis right now but I can tell right now is Cornett is.

Wholesale cheese he’s put a food to you the ball is moving around I can see I can tell you that the four second rule is in effect no one’s holding the ball.

Believe serious walk has gotten into the white tee Timmy pull-up you know he’s coming out Timmy is coming out firing back to the female team out of the three in and out Dodson coming out that’s ingenious that’s that pulls.

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