LangId: Foreign Language Identifier

There are various translation services online which help you translate text or a web page from one language to the other. But what if you don’t know what language it is in the first place? How would you identify it ?

LangId is a web based foreign language identifier which can help you easily identify almost any language. You could either copy paste the text directly, upload a document or email them the text to get the answer. They have also got a Twitter bot named @langidbot which could help you in identifying a language.

foreign language identifier

As you can see, in the above screenshot I have copy pasted a line of text which is in a language I need to identify. I get the result immediately after I click the ‘ Identify It ‘ button.

language identifier tool

If you want need a language identifier tool on your desktop check out previously profiled  Polyglot 3000

Check out LangId @

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