LastPass 3.0 Launched With New Design & Shared Family Folders

Password management app LastPass has updated to v3.0, which comes with a bunch of new features and a whole new look. The app has been redesigned for the Web as well as mobile. Why should you be excited? Well, LastPass is good enough to hit a hat-trick and make it to our ‘Best Apps’ list for Chrome, Firefox and Windows.

LastPass 3.0 has a cleaner, simpler design which aims to minimize the number of clicks for the user. So for example, the current LastPass prompts you with a notification bar at the top when you visit a page where you have a stored account. Instead, LastPass will now slowly phase out that bar and instead give you little notifications in the Login text fields, which you can click and choose the account to use.

Similarly, if the text field is intended for choosing a new password, LastPass will smartly detect that and start the password generator.

Also, clicking the LastPass icon in the extensions toolbar now lets you search your Vault directly, using a powerful search engine. It’s pretty neat and speeds up the process. And yes, the Vault also features a new look.


In terms of features, LastPass 3.0 adds a Shared Family Folder, in which you can add any data that is automatically is synced between all the Vaults of those users added to the folder. You can add up to 5 other LastPass users. However, the creator of the folder needs to be a LastPass Premium user—recipients can be free or Premium users.

The mobile apps for Android and iOS—also a part of the Premium experience—are integrated with the browser. The apps have multitab support in browsers, clickable icons and better search. The Android app employs a Holo visual style, but the iOS app does not have an iOS 7 design.

You can get LastPass for your device on its official website.

Source: LastPass Blog

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