Late Night Boxing Talk

What’s going on more people I’m Jake Otto I’m welcome to boxing a Jedi sever and this is another edition of making that box at all now I’m gonna let this rock and as I let this rock I’m just gonna let on that basically uh everybody just once again you know we do ritual we here we wait to the.

Other boxing heads get a bishop uniform so and I’m seeing for three more starts it you don’t have seen other wasn’t that yeah I did what’s going on 20 2012 the divi divi s1 don’t wanna get your name wrong sir yes I did sir.

Yes I did later on uh towards the end of this program I’ll be showing more heart stuff you know I mean I got a lot of projects going on but yeah man we’re gonna talk some boxing.

And some hard a little bit but yeah man definitely I’m just waiting for everybody else to go on and uh you know I’m saying that talks of boxing thank you thank you sir thank you very much my brother no doubt.

My man roster on no doubt man let’s see my man our 2012 DVS one no doubt man is on know what I’m saying Bama weed ah now smoking on some way Rhino right now baby no doubt man is wait for to get on man I got some I got some good boxing.

Man yo my man Roscoe I got some good yo I don’t did my I done did the Bruce Wayne on offense junior kid.

We’re gonna talk about it I’m just waiting for it to get you know I’m saying yeah we’re gonna talk about it man we’re gonna talk about it I’m just I’m just waiting for this to.

Get a little don’t seem to get a little busy so my man 2012 DVS one says what do you think he is what do you think but chances are against Spence I think there did great man I think they agree I think they’re very great uh Ross Scott.

– choo choo says uh Garcia Mikey Garcia said I rather loose at all Wow all right my man my man says 2012 says Spence.

Too big no I’m saying how Rosco says I’m not talking about Mikey I’m talking about Mikey not Thomas Crawford I feel you no doubt.

Gonna walk blood down hmm sounds easy there’s gonna be a difficult task in there both of these guys are gonna have a hard day at the office kid if they do meet each other but like I said man it depends man but Crawford out but can’t uh he says it.

But can’t get walk down that’s another fact there but um I mean we’re talking about a 135-140 fighter he wants to you know I’m saying like this yes I’m just I’m just waiting for.

You know I’m saying I’m waiting for more boxing heads to come through you know I’m saying so I could start this oh he says honestly.

I think Mikey is bigger puncher but buddy’s a better boxer hmm you think Mikey’s gonna bring power for 130 or 140 all the way up to 147 ah I don’t know brother Ross classes are gonna drop I’m listening though bro no doubt man I’m gonna end this rock man I’m just gonna let the boxing heads come on in everybody’s opinions here is respected.

No I’m saying no I’m saying no criticisms you know if we do criticize as little debate of course here’s the innovative Channel has that come back to boxing that means that we also hold fucking the beach within the comment sections.

Themselves I usually read everybody’s comments saying if you got your brother apiece everybody don’t join it on in you.

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