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This is Andrew Bozeman I’m a SAS lawyer in New Jersey I represent New York City SAS startups companies vendors entrepreneurs developers enterprise companies end-users licensees from inception through exit I wanted to give you the benefit of my experience and just show you how I can distinguish myself from other SAS lawyers I think it’s really three things or four.
Things and then I’ll expand on my experience from there I.

A trial attorney in the New Jersey New York area for 20 years litigated to verdict massive business disputes so what I’m gonna go shooting SAS contracts now like I could see where.

Future disputes might happen in those contracts I was a SAS entrepreneur.

For about six or seven years I built and scaled a SAS startup with partners turned into a global company at the same time I was have been managing my SAS law firm my partners and I got a patent accessibility I have a cell phone that’s it my clients typically text call.

Email me morning noon night and day weekends during the week unless I’m on the phone with somebody I typically pick up immediately if my clients or I call them back within a few minutes my clients can text me transparency I’m a flat fee lawyer I charge an upfront flat fixed fee for four engagements my clients will know to the penny what they’re being charged and in between engagements i don’t-nickel-and-dime you like most.

Lawyers typically my clients will have questions between projects and unless it’s something massive I don’t charge them I you know I just don’t think it’s right I’m trying.
To build lasting relationships with my clients and I.

Want them to know that they can pick up the phone or email or text me.

2 of an hour for you know $80 let’s talk about SAS companies you know typically sass companies.

Find me because of the experience that just described they come to me whether they’re just starting out they’re getting their product built or.

They need to form an LLC an S corp or a c-corp or they already have their product built they already have a corporate structure and they need.

Me to draft SAS subscription agreements or masters service agreements or EULA’s were there I have clients that are you know full-blown mature SAS companies that are dealing with the enterprise every day and they need me to company come in and you know jump in and negotiate enterprise agreements with SAS companies so you know taking it from the beginning typical SAS start up there they’re mulling over should.

They be a C Corp and s corporate LLC you know I jump in I do all the legal agreements whether it’s an LLC operating agreement or for C Corp the bylaws the founders restricted stock agreements the.
Agreements that so they can assign the IP to the company I.

Do that I do you know angel seed friends and family stock subscription agreements convertible notes safes I.

Review VC term sheets I’ll do all investments up to round a I dropped NDA’s I will draft you know again all the agreements that clients might need for for customers or end-users the.

Subscription agreement the master service agreement I do.

A lot of work with resellers and companies that hire saucer cloud resellers I also help companies with the SAS software development agreement this is if a company is hiring someone or a team to develop their SAS.

Software I negotiate that agreement or sometimes the SAS startup.

Will bring on a developer as an owner of the company and when I draft that.

Person stock agreement I put in put in milestones so they’re not going to get their stock or earn their stock until certain milestones with regarding development or are done or completed you know I give.

A lot of advice to my clients about building and scaling their SAS companies I do it by default because I did.

It with my partners and I want to make sure that many companies have success and are executing on their business plan when you hire me as a SAS lawyer you will you will see the difference you will feel the difference in how I treat you in how I bill you how I charge you and the type of advice I provide and the accessibility and transparency that I provide as your SAS lawyer in terms of me picking up the phone quickly calling you back getting back to you quickly and just.

Making sure that the agreements are the agreements that you need and they and.

They protect you legally if you’re a sauce company in the New York City area we’re doing business in New York and need a SAS lawyer please call me Andrew Bozeman for a free consultation.

At two zero one four four six nine six four three.

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