LeFeed: Take Your Facebook News Feed To The Next Level

The most popular feature of Facebook is the news feed. It’s the first thing most people look at when they go to Facebook. It is how we find out what our friends are doing, where they are going and everything else that is going on their life. LeFeed is a handy web app that helps you figure out what kinds of posts you enjoy and it shows you those posts in a more organized fashion.


The idea behind LeFeed is that it learns about the kinds of posts that you are interested in, and populates a feed with those kinds of posts. You use the “+” or “-” button to vote on a post. As you do this, it will see the kinds of things you vote up and down and it will build a smarter news feed filled with only the things that matter to you. You can sort by the types of post when looking at your feed. You can view links, statuses, photos, videos and more. This helps you find out exactly what you care about.


Not only does this app give you a personalized news feed, it also shows you your notifications and lets you post status updates to Facebook. It gives you a complete Facebook experience without actually going to Facebook.


  • Learns the kinds of Facebook posts that interest you.
  • Provides a more customized news feed.
  • Sort by post type.
  • View Facebook notifications and update your status from the web app.

Find LeFeed @ lefeed.com

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