Let There Be Rock! 10 Free Music Albums [Sound Sunday]

Rock comes in a range of flavors. This selection spans from instrumental, garage, blues and plain rock to modern, post, psychedelic, desert, math, industrial, and new wave rock. Open your ears for some crazy talent!

Sound Sunday depends on your input. Share your feedback in the comments, message me @TinaSieber on Twitter or send an email to Tina @ this domain. I’m all ears. And I hope you are, too.

Single: One Minute Millionaires – Weary Ride

Genre: indie, pop, desert rock

This indie rock band from Gilbert, Arizona formed in 2008. Their 2011 debut EP Drunkards and Fools was previously featured on Sound Sunday. One Minute Millionaires’ influences range from guitar oriented classic rock to hard rock.

Single: Tom Dickins & The Punintentionals – Ocean Today

Genre: alternative, independent

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Ocean Today is the first single from Tom’s recently released album A Brief Case of Madness.

EP: The Television Sky – We trust that the moon shall guide us

Genre: alternative, independent, instrumental, garage rock, post rock

From their Facebook page: “The Television Sky is a Melbourne-based instrumental rock trio. Their music is a sultry fusion of classical and post-rock influences.”

EP: Monks of Mellonwah – Neurogenesis

Genre: alternative, indie, rock

From their Bandcamp profile: “Monks of Mellonwah (MOM) are an award winning four-piece alternative rock and indie band based in Sydney, Australia. The band has toured nationally and internationally, travelling to the United States twice, winning awards for Best International Act (LA Music Awards 2012) and Best Indie Rock Band (2012 AIM Awards).”

David Oakes – Transmissions

Genre: instrumental, rock

The Reading-UK based drummer and guitarist David Oakes produces capturing instrumental rock.

Single: Silence The City – Closer

Genre: alternative, modern, rock

From their Bandcamp page: “Silence the city are a 4 piece melodic, high energy Alt Rock band from Auckland, New Zealand.”

EP: Pete Van Dyk & the Second Hand Band – Shake Me / Plan B

Genre: rock & roll, blues, country rock, folk, rock

Pete Van Dyk & the Second Hand Band produce Rock and ROll for the Soul, straight from Ontario.

EP: Cathodes – Ghosts Of People We Should Have Been

Genre: instrumental, rock, post rock

From their Bandcamp page: “An eclectic, experimental instrumental band whose chief concerns are shredding eardrums and melting faces, Cathodes was formed in 2011 in Birmingham, setting themselves to honing a set of tunes that fused post-rock, mathcore, alternative and grunge into a dark, heady brew that led one seasoned observer to note, ‘You’re like the evil version of The Shadows, you are.’”

Single: Galaxy Of Tar – 1% Of Static

Genre: rock, psychedelic rock

General B and The Wiz – Right in the Head

Genre: indie, dance, blues, rock, psychedelic

Recorded in a cabin in Northern Minnesota in the Fall of 2011, this record features much of the grit rock General B and The Wiz are known for, along with some new psychedelic blues directions. The band tried to capture a similar energy found at their live shows.

The Flowers of Evil – 11:11

Genre: experimental, acid, rock, garage rock, psychedelic

From their Bandcamp profile: “The Flowers of Evil began in 2009 as a recording project. Now as a live 5-piece band, they have a distinct ear for sounds from a forgotten and esoteric past, but keep both eyes steadfastly on the future with their music and songwriting. Not liking labels and pigeonholing, they simply describe it as a very primal,punk in spirit, head music.”

Various Artists – A Cheery Wave From Stranded Youngsters

Genre: experimental, math rock, post rock, post hardcore, compilation

From the album page: “The fifth Cheery Wave compilation album – featuring the best from the UK post-rock, instrumental and math-rock underground. Download for free or name-your-price. ”

Wullae Wright – Welcome to the Anonymous

Genre: alternative, acoustic, dance, industrial rock

From his SoundCloud profile: “An old grubby guitar with an array of different tuning pegs was given to me at around the age of 14 years. I had the ambition to play the drums, but we couldn’t afford them. I remember sitting with a Stereophonics chord book at the edge of my bed, learning my first song on guitar: ‘Not up to me, not up to you’.”

EP: City Rain – I’m Gone

Genre: electronic, new wave, funk, rock

City Rain is an electro-pop/rock duo based in Philadelphia.

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