Lg V20 Protection!!

Good morning guys what’s going on it is Wednesday the 26th five days to Halloween got a half day today get homework on some videos every once in a while there’s a comment by some jackwagon that is butthurt that I’m talking to a camera while I’m driving and they’re like hey dude joking drive but you’re over you you you.

Can’t do that you do realize that I’m not holding anything you’re mounted safely out of my way it really is a wonderous thing you know that you don’t have to touch you just talk it’s it’s really this great invention just because you can’t do more than one thing.

At a time doesn’t mean that someone else can’t do more than one thing at a time and actually I’m more focused on my driving this video is heavily edited to the fact that there are times that because I’m so focused on my driving I stopped talking really you’re watching a heavily edited video produced edited in.

A way that you you think I’m just doing this I stopped talking here for the time because I’m paying more attention than be.

Driving I’ve got lunch done and ran a dog around a little bit money well and I have something that I’m finishing up so I’m going to focus on that the rest of the afternoon and I want to get it done as it’s important all right I spent way too much time on.

Finishing that video it is 6:40 look at that I probably started around I don’t know the focus or what probably started around I.

Don’t know 1:30 so took a couple breaks here and there alright so I know this is kind.

Of cheesy but we got a package here from the folks at VRS and it is cases for the seven plus and I don’t think they sent any for the seven at the time of talking to them I told him I wasn’t getting it so I don’t know if they sent any or not no biggie if they didn’t so we’ve got uh three cases here and this thing is leather case pretty sweet looking like a folio style I like taking these when I go out.

For the night or uh you know hanging out no you know these are all for the v20 let me grab that one I need cases for that surprised I didn’t even know that that’s pretty cool so these are all for the v20 the other two cases are the crystal bumper which is pretty cool because you.

Get to show off the phone and it’s got to stand on it which I love because like watch a lot of videos and I’m always standing it up against something.

Other than a stand and usually it’s a drink and I need to take the drink so man and then this.

Is a more design on that so let’s open these up and put these on the phone now these aren’t really any different than the other ones we’ve tried out for the other phones however I don’t know I forget who it was it was think it was droid mah directs on Twitter which put it right here he never felt more comfortable dropping a device and I guess feeling like it wouldn’t break then the v20 really there’s no other phones out there.

You don’t feel comfortable dropping without a case on it Samsung active v10 I just I know there’s other ones out there I’m just flinging off top my head very nice looking case very stylistic very minimal on that you know of course this is not.

A small phone and the the cutouts you know are very tolerances are very tight on it and you know I can only see having an issue if.

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