Live Whoop Triggerz Tutorials W/ Cdub. You Can Play Behind The Preacher With You Iphone!

What’s up what’s up what’s up G boy seed up here at Paz studios and we’re about to show you I know y’all have heard about it I’d been seeing it on a social media popping up here in there the hoop triggers out I’m about to go through it for y’all alive right here you may have some questions or.

Like that about to answer model right here but first before I even get started I.

Need for all of you to share this video all right share it invite people in I’ll see people coming in right.

Now Jeremiah what’s up Billy what’s up Anthony Charles what’s up Morris what’s up Roy what up man I need y’all to share this video right now just go ahead and share hit share but share Cham Cham Cham Cham we bout to go through this hoop triggers app live I want to try to see this I want try to understand what it is I want people to.

This is real it’s not joke this is a real music ministry tool just like I said in the description churches are already using it all over the world already and it just came out two weeks ago if you have not heard of it this app is an app for churches who do.

Not have musicians that allows you to back up the preacher with iPad or iPhone or iPod all right it’s only for iOS devices right now but it trust me y’all know Android is always coming all right so I need y’all to share Marlo what’s up good.
To see you in here April what up.

Share the video share it here is see people already saying man that thing blesses me so.

Much people already using it like this is nothing that y’all haven’t seen because it came out two weeks ago so if you haven’t seen it you back to you today table just said I got it today yeah that’s what I’m talking about what’s up wisdom all right y’all so I’m gonna get straight to it I want y’all to share this video like go ahead those.

Of you who are just coming in go ahead share it tag your pastors share it with your your Facebook friends I need was gonna keep it on here as I.

Could possibly get right now so share it please just hit the share button it’s right up there somewhere on your screen all right y’all can hear me right everybody can hear me I hope you can cuz I’m about to go with it all.

Right so like I said this out is made for churches who do not have musicians they want to backup the pastor or even want music during the services this is more than just the preaching part of the service this is this is you’re gonna see I’m gonna show you right now there are two different ways that you can do this all right you can either use.

The full band collection all right or you can use the two-piece organ and drum collation all right so the full band you’re gonna get drums bass Rhodes piano organ guitar incense so when you press these triggers in this out you’re gonna get a full band sound like a.

Whole entire band sound when you press one button so what I’m gonna do once you get the app you download these two collections I already did it so I’m gonna tap play and once I do that it’s gonna.

Go to supposed to Sierra go now so this right here that’s what I call the easy play mode it’s so easy out there isn’t telling you anybody could do this like literally my two-year-old if he was in.

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