Live Whoop Triggerz Tutorials W/ Cdub. You Can Play Behind The Preacher With You Iphone!

Here I could show you right now keep your play behind a preacher because he knows to tap this button in between the phrases he already knows who did he’s already musician alright so what you get when you tap this button is a big button so you can’t miss it especially on the iPad iPad but even on the iPhone.

You’re gonna get a sample of a lot of band members playing so I’ve already recorded samples.

And I preset them in a sequence to how they would be if we were actually playing on stage or wherever we are and it’s gonna sound like you’re actually playing behind.
A preacher and all you have to do.

Is tap one button and keep tapping it you don’t have to worry about anything just keep tapping so when.

I tap it once boom somebody’s preaching all I gotta do is tap it’s that easy that easy.

Alright so it’s just gonna keep doing what it’s supposed to do what I programmed it to do so all right getting a little rowdy and I.

Want a little bit more energy not just hits I hit special and what that’s gonna do is give you the more sustaining band actually playing let.
Me just this is the real deal this is not a joke we had Jelani Jackson on.

His instrument yeah I know he plays everything so he did the drones he did the good to her he did the bass I did the Oregon and Rick Walker’s on here doing guitar as well too.

So I’m telling you this is real like like this is this is real just really makes a difference in your service you plug this up to your speaker’s at.

Church I’m telling you it’s gonna bless you so I.

Know some of y’all are wondering well what if you change what they change cheese can you change keys there are two ways to do.

That y’all know I have to put that in here right I couldn’t just put it in one key a flat because everybody don’t appreciate a flat so if I all right so there’s keys you can hit either hit up or down either way we can go straight to a you’re.

Already there all right I can hit up in here okay we can change keys on the fly if you want to actually skip to a particular key you just sat right here in the middle and all your keys is gonna show up okay and you can just go to whatever key you want to if you want to go straight to e-flat you can do that where you flatten air all right now check that out.

Now that’s what somebody who may not have a clue as to what they’re doing they just know they need to tap one button and they need to make.

A fiala just now joining please share this video right now just go ahead and stop just share it just yet right now you should if you’re joining in chair all right so check this out now if you’re a person that you want.

To use this and you actually have some musical knowledge and you.

Want to be able to do your own thing you don’t want to just tap one guess what I got some of you too if you hit this button right here tap it it’s the pass button it goes to paths where you can actually play your own sequence you can do whatever you want you can play however you want to play it so if you want to now.

These numbers are not like the numerical system in the music this is just basically letting you know what pad you’re tapping alright so do whatever you want now if I go back to normal alright let’s go back to.

The easy play I like the way it looks it’s cool I mean I like both of them but this is gonna help me show you what I’m trying T so I know like after a preacher preaches and we got off this high moment right and you don’t want to leave him hanging all right and can’t just I mean these just stops me with so I put some things on here to help you through.

That part share this video all right now check this out this T right here is actually for top music so in any key no matter what key you’re in at.

Any point in time if you know as I say here let’s go back to pass all right it’s because it’s on here too so it’s up at the top here let’s say we’re coming off a high moment you go back to normal hit this T yeah we got more named.

Top music let’s just go play play play it’s never gonna stop them alright actually use this de Sunday at church doing announcements because I just want to try it out and it work nobody knew yeah well yeah so this works any key say we stop it you just tap it again it’ll fake it out if you change.

The key I mean b-flat it won’t matter this app can play it all keys I promise you we can hit T now we have a flip and it’s not.

Even the same exact tell music so you have about 4 different styles of top music between the twelve keys all right now check this out No thank you do say you coming off that hot moment again I call the shout started you get it.

Just give a little son you know him too much you know if you want to do it here somebody how to tell you all right so let’s say we’re in a flat and I know.

Cuz somebody’s gonna ask like what if they start shouting right when though I already.

Know I got you my wife my watch is talking to him um so if they start shouting all.

You never do just swipe to the wheels boom shot music right there we own it so we got sound music but not only do we have shop music right there and any key that you want to go to all right another thing y’all it’s a lot going on it is a promise you is real worth the investment it’s not even.

That big of an investment but it’s well worth it um another thing for those moments weird maybe it’s not coffee with shot maybe it’s not time to shout maybe the sermon just ended and it’s more of a.

Worship type atmosphere or something like that guess what swipe now we have a worship moment all right.

Same thing played a minke you can change the tempos four different levels not just any level so let’s just start one alright so you know I got a label up you’re calm you got a little more more intense and then very into you all right so you can basically hit any one of these in eight-point times some kind of.

Metaphor into the next phase let’s get it right now now you know the drums a little bit more involved I saw the video with Taylor demonstrating this with vocals baby I haven’t seen it so it’s a little bit more you.

Can take it to more intense and I like this now I use this and I actually use this Sunday also.

Burn the intercessory prayer moment before Church started it works great oh my gosh alright so once this finish no you can fight back over do whatever you need to do okay now also I think I had somebody asked me where.

The beat up dates yes there will be updates with new stuff somebody else asked me about I think I saw on here do you have to have is it a subscription no it’s a one-time payment that you just make you just buy the app and you can use it on any of your devices so yeah it’s a dope deal I’m trying T now for those people who may.

Not want a full band sound but sometimes preachers want that organ sound you know yeah I know ideas I’ll put another collection on here called the two-piece we’re gonna drones and I like this because it has a lot of same things as the full band as far as the shout in the worship but.

Let me just show you alright so this.

One same thing got a chat button if you don’t know I play if you don’t know what you’re doing you just know you want to help out your pastor this is the way you can do.

It alright with just a tap so if the preacher is in a flat or we go get the heavy yes it isn’t first alright so that’s just kind of giving them give them a.

Little bit or her a little bit to go off of you know you don’t it’s not a whole bunch of stuff happening you know Jesus said you know I come if you might have life just little stuff like that you know you can repeat it you want to again all right you keep tapping it’s gonna go to something else put those hands.

Together yeah again all right this is not a joke this is for real all right so that you know those are little things you can do of course like I.

Said you can go to pass mode and do your own thing how do you wanna do it the possibilities are really endless on how you can actually play this and sound like your own thing like you don’t have to do the premade things that I have for you you can switch it up and do whatever you want to do but the.

Good thing about it is once you switch to special oh it starts getting real good at right all right so check this out so.

You know how like sometimes you just need that rubble y’all heard a while ago when when the preacher is like somebody God is getting.

Ready to do something you don’t want the chords come in just yet that’s what that is and then when it when they hit right now thinking about of you think of the madam and God is telling.

You to go to Africa right now the link is in the description right now right over here you know your worst moment right there so whatever it is that you’re trying to do whatever it is that happens after that is you know you need that all right so if you haven’t shared this video like you can go ahead and do it now Thanks every great share um yeah so I mean that’s what we’re working with also here if you look at the top I know some people may.

Not know you might see this thing you can scroll through you can tap on this and it’ll give you some tutorials that you can you can watch on how this app works even further in-depth from what I’ve showed you right now also.

Don’t forget the loose by seed up out yeah I’m trying to I’m trying to tell.

You how if y’all don’t have this out right now within the bath the next two or three weeks you can be kicking yourself because some great things are about to happen with this app is already happening like people.

Are using this app this is a drum loop app y’all have drum loops keep playing in church with this app has them already on the app all you have to do is just download and play them change the tempo I like this stuff over 800 loops in this countin trust me you want this app and you want this app you want both of them well it’s gonna go to the site there you go Lou spice it up so that’s it y’all that’s it in a nutshell I hope y’all enjoyed this tutorial who triggers look tag.

Your pastor in this video tag anybody that you may know that starting up a new church anybody that you may know that they don’t have any musicians at church.

Yo who triggers will bless them.

I’ve been sent multiple videos I’m gonna start sharing them on Facebook of people using this product in church.

And and showing how effective it really is I’m talking about like the day after they bought it they can use is really that simple if you just take a few minutes to.

Practice and know what you’re gonna do look it’s really really simple.

So make sure y’all check out who triggers make sure y’all check out loose by seed up look thank y’all so much if you have any questions questions leave them in the comments and I’ll.

Try to go back and answer all your questions of course I.

Can’t do it here cuz I’ll be here all day y’all know how they work thank y’all so much for tuning in see it up lose my seat up coupe triggers see the brand it’s not see the brand well it’s not see that.

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