Lunch Chop Session: Pagan Holidays

Shalom Ezra this is a just a quick lunch chop session on my lunch break as you can see I got my vote at sticker but I dropped in my mail-in ballot when I dropped in my mouth dropped in my mail invalid I would encourage everybody to vote it’s very important that we vote but anyways the point of this.

Little quick lunchtime chop session is halloween is coming up and as you know as members of the body of christ we.
Should not be engaging in pagan holidays and the roots of Halloween.

Are twofold a lot of the traditions that we practice here go back to ancient Celtic practices from the Druids you can go look that stuff up on your own also many people claim oh I’m not you know I’m not Catholic I’m Baptist so I’m coaching I’m Methodist I’m this well do you celebrate Halloween because Halloween is also a Catholic holiday called All Hallows Eve now I just want to bring out.

Been read in Galatians that’s where me and my wife are at in our morning Bible reading and I’m thinking I’m going to do.

My next Bible lesson is going to be a breakdown of the entire book of Galatians it’s only six chapters so she’ll be able to be done in it and maybe one part but probably sure shouldn’t be more than two or three parts and hopefully that can segue into the lessons dealing with the Torah and actually keeping all the commandments and and.

How you keep the law okay you know dealing with the dietary.

A lot of cleanliness laws all the commandments what we you know going over that I’ve been promising that I was going to do a lesson on that and I am and I think doing a.

Study of the entire book of Galatians.

Would be a good way to segue into that teaching okay going from the New Covenant into the into the Old Covenant but I want to bring up a quick scripture related to these pagan holidays and after I’m done I’m talking about the scripture I will link at the end of this video I will link to the lesson I did on.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve as far as them being pagan and why we shouldn’t observe those as members of the body of Christ but if you have your Bibles I just printed it off so I can read it I don’t have my Bible with me right now but if you look at Galatians chapter 4 and go to verse 8 and we’re gonna read verses 8 through 10 Galatians chapter 4 verses 8 through 10 verse 8 read howbeit then.
When ye knew not God ye did service.

Unto them which by nature are no guys so Paul is saying to the Galatians here howbeit and remember the galatians are Gentiles there from Galatia ok and Galatia was an Asia Minor but the Galatians are also of the same stock of the Celtic people that you see you know the Celtic people who live in England and Wales and Scotland and Ireland and stuff now the Galatians are Galatia was of that stock as well and they were in Asia Minor some.

Of them were in Asia Minor during Paul’s time I’m just pointing.

This out to just show you how migrations work and how people migrate over time and things change the same people are not always in the same spots all throughout history ok anyways but the point.

Here is Paul is saying to the church at Galatia how come how be it then when you knew not God you did service on to them.

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