Mac Remote for Android: Control OS X From Your Android

While many Mac users tend to stick to what they know and purchase an iPhone, there’s still a significant percentage of Apple computer users who own Android smartphones as well. Apple has released an app that allows you to control your computer from your iPhone, but naturally there is no equivalent Android app from the company. Not to worry, because Mac Remote for Android is virtually the same thing.

control os x from android

The app requires no additional software be installed on your computer, instead using the interface already put in place by Apple. With it you can control a long list of software including iTunes, VLC, Spotify, QuickTime, Keynote and more, as well as well as shutting down and suspending the computer and adjusting volume and brightness without getting up.

mac remote

The app requires that your smartphone and computer be on the same Wi-Fi network, and also that your mobile device is running Android version 2.3 and above. The minimalist design, free price point and great compatibility with software and OS X in general makes this a must-have for Mac users who prefer to take the Android road when it comes to smartphones.


  • Control many aspects of your Mac OS X computer from your Android smartphone.
  • Compatible apps include: VLC, iTunes, iPhoto, Keynote, Spotify, QuickTime, MplayerX, Preview, PowerPoint for Mac and other apps that are designed to use the remote interface.
  • No software need be installed on the Mac computer first.
  • Your device can control your Mac provided that both are on the same Wi-Fi network.

Download: Mac Remote @ Google Play

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