Macbook Pro Ram Upgrade Tutorial 13" Unibody Mid 2012 (8gb To 16gb)

So we’re gonna upgrade the RAM in this 13-inch MacBook Pro unibody this is a mid 2012 model and we’re gonna upgrade it from 8 gigabytes to 16 gigabytes so the first thing you’ll do is turn off your computer flip over and flip it over I’m gonna set it on a soft surface so that it doesn’t get scratched and.

You’ll want the black part up at.

The top which is the LCD hinge facing away from you so the tools you’ll need is.

A Phillips head number zero zero a spudger and your upgrade ram chips there’s three different size of screws that hold this back panel to the the main part of your computer so you’ll want to make sure that.

As you remove them you keep up with where they go so that you can place them in the exact holes.

They came out after all ten screws are removed and placed in that small bin I’m going to remove this back panel and this shows us all of the internal components of your macbook pro so the next step is to remove this battery connector you don’t want current traveling through your computer while you’re working on it so you can try to pry it and walk it out.

By prying up on the side I found that far too difficult so I decided to pry up on the compete on the corners now you’ll want to be careful because the corners are definitely breakable so you’ll want to walk it out slowly with the battery connector disconnected I’m now ready to remove.

The RAM from my computer so I’m gonna use both hands and I’m gonna pull these little levers away from the RAM chip you’ll hear it click and it’ll lift up 15 to 20 degrees pull that out and now it’s time to remove the bottom one it’s a little bit more difficult you’ll have to actually pull the lever twice you’ll hear two clicks and you pull it straight out again now setting it the RAM chips back in is fairly straightforward you’ll want to line up that.

Small Ridge with the computer and you’ll want to push it in all the way so these any part of the connector is not exposed as you can see.

Here I’m attempting to put the RAM in with the shiny part showing or the connector as long as that connector is showing you’ll never be able to seat it correctly in your computer so you’ll want to put it in at the angle you pulled out.

The other chip I’m going to do that now and you’ll push it down you’ll hear one click so the bottom one you’ll hear two clicks as you push it down to seat it all the way top one you’ll only hear one click with it seated all.

The way we’re now ready to reconnect the battery connector.

So just push it straight in make sure that it’s pushed in all the way and you’ll want to sit the back panel back onto your MacBook Pro as you can see the cutout goes to the top or facing.

Away from us which is where our LCD hinge is lined and I’m going to place the screws back in in the reverse order that I took them out so I had a little bit of trouble inserting this one screw and the cause was locked tight applied by Apple it’s the blue part of the screw now.

That all the screws have been.

Inserted into the computer you’ll want to run your finger over each one to make sure that it’s flush now that your computer’s put back together you’ll want to boot.

It up and make sure everything’s working correctly click the Apple logo in the top left corner click about the smack and click memory the displayed numbers of RAM should be the exact same as the RAM you installed.

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