MafiaaFire Redirector: Find The New Homes Of Shut Down Domain Names [Firefox & Chrome]

Every now and then, you will find your favorite website down or inactive. It can be due to various reasons: either it was shut down by the government or their domain name expired and was taken over by someone else. Usually the website has simply moved to a new domain (URL) and is still functioning, but if you don’t know the new URL of the website, you are out of luck.

Now there is a handy browser extension for Firefox and Chrome called MafiaaFire Redirector, which redirects you to the new URL of the website if the old one is down. It stores an alternative database of new URLs of inactive websites submitted by users, and if your website is on that list you will be redirected to its new home.

shut down domain names

If you are an owner of a shut down website, you can add its new URL to their database so that everyone knows how to access your site’s new home.


  • Find new homes of shut down domains/websites.
  • Database of new alternative URLs for inactive websites submitted by users.
  • Extension is available for Chrome and Firefox browsers.
  • Free to download and use. You can donate to support the project.

Check out MafiaaFire @

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