MailChimp: Newsletter Sending Service

MailChimp is a newsletter sending service that allows you to create a newsletter online and afterwards distribute it to subscribers. MailChimp lets you create simple text or RSS feed newsletter campaigns online, setup and manage mailing lists, apply variety of design templates and get statistical report for each campaign.

Free MailChimp account lets you send newsletter to a list of upto 100 subscribers and a max. of 6 times per month. Works simple, just follow on-site step by step guide of creating newsletter campaigns, and distribute content to your subscribers.

Mailchimp - Newsletter Sending Service


  • Generate and distribute newsletter online.
  • Free account lets you send newsletter to a list of 100 subscribers upto 6 times per month.
  • Create simple text campaigns or RSS feed campaigns.
  • Get statistical reports for each campaign.
  • Clear step by step interface that takes you through the whole process.
  • Paid accounts with more options available as well.
  • To learn more go to demo page.
  • Also check out similar tool called that was profiled earlier.

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