Make Home Button on Your Android Phone Open Your Favourite App

android home launcherAre you an Android user who loves to mess around with your set-up to make sure it’s just right? Have you ever wanted to redirect your home button to an application of your choice? Well, now there’s a simple Android home launcher which lets you do just that.

It seems there is no limit to the amount of useful Android applications out there. With Android being an incredibly open phone operating system to write applications for, little apps to tweak and change the settings for just about anything seem to be popping up. Let’s take a look at this incredibly useful application to change the usage of your home button.

So You Want To Change Your Home Button?

The home button normally redirects users straight to the home screen. It’s handy and all but, with limited button choices on your phone, sometimes you want it to do something a little more useful.

Most applications which allow you to change your home button to be used for something else require you to nominate a particular Android home launcher to be used when the button is clicked. If you want to nominate an application instead, you should download and install Target Home Launcher from the Android marketplace (requires Android 1.5 or higher).

Start Using Target Home Launcher

Once installed, Target Home Launcher gets straight down to business. Your first and most important decision is to choose which application you wish to run when the home button is pressed.

android home launcher

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Change Your Default Launcher

You’ll probably then see a message saying “App ‘Target Home Launcher’ is not the default home app. Please set it to be the default home app”. You’ll need to set “Target Home Launcher” as the default launcher. Press OK.

android open home

The next choice will be between your available Android home launcher, with the title “Complete Action Using“. Check the “Use by default for this action” option and choose “Target Home Launcher” and it will set your home button launcher correctly for you.

android open home

Changing Your Home Button Application

You’ll be directed back to the choice of applications and will need to make your application choice again. You should now see your desired application featured at the top of the list. If you ever want to change your choice, simply click on a different application and it will be automatically changed. Click on the home button and try it out!

Changing Your Home Button Back

If you decide to go back to your original home button arrangement, it’s pretty easy to do. Open the “Target Home Launcher” application, click the menu button and choose “Reset“. This removes your choice of application and launcher. When you next press the home button, you’ll be given a choice of launchers. Choose the default launcher for your phone and it will be back to normal.

android home launcher

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What do you think of Target Home Launcher? Has it solved your problems?

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