MakeUseOf Extra #12

  • – Top 100 Shareware downloads
  • How to get premium Rapidshare account.
  • Ultimate list of free windows software from Microsoft. Apparently Microsoft has some free stuff as well.
  • Sidekiq – quite useful search engine in case you need to do some extensive searching. Once you search for something on sidekiq you can quickly browse / filter results by category (social networks, movies, images…) and even further by most popular resources within each category.
  • Thesuperheroquiz – I scored 80% and came out as Hulk, I bet this is the highest score any geek ever made
  • Turning off unnecessary services on windows xp – This article helps you speed up your win XP. Be very careful and try to backup our registry before applying any of the recommended fixes.
  • Profilelinker – link all your social networking profiles in one place (facebook, myspace, bebo, etc)
  • Hymn-project – Exercise your fair-use rights on the songs you bought; on this website you can find a software to free your iTunes Music Store purchases (protected AAC / .m4p) from their DRM restrictions with no loss of sound quality. You can later play them outside iTunes, on operating systems not supported by iTunes and even on hardware not supported by Apple (Note: May not work with latest iTunes version).

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