MedTipster: Save Money On Drugs With Affordable Generics

If you spend lots of cash on your medical prescriptions and looking for a way to save some money on drugs check out MedTipster. It is a website that allows you to find affordable generic and therapeutic alternatives to your prescription drugs.

From the Page:

“Medtipster is dedicated to providing American consumers with thousands of dollars annually in healthcare and pharmaceutical savings by being the first to provide the most accurate and reliable healthcare data, pricing and information to the public.”

Using MedTipster is really simple and doesn’t require any registration. Just enter the drug name, chose the dosage and enter your zip code. MedTipster would show you prices of generic equivalents at your neighbourhood pharmacies. It also provides you all the detailed information about the pharmacy and how much different quantities of the medicine would cost you.

save money on drugs

affordable generics

Here are some of the main features:

  • Find affordable generics for your prescriptions across various pharmacies.
  • Get detailed information for pharmacies including maps.
  • Search by drug name or even by medical condition.
  • Search for immunizations and shots in your area.
  • Find a neighbourhood pharmacy that offers health screenings.
  • Listings of mini clinics in your area.
  • A forum for people to exchange information and share tips.
  • Email a registered pharmacist to get your questions answered.

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