Melbourne mother helped nephew rape her daughter

A man and his aunt both pleaded guilty in the County Court on Wednesday. Photo: Penny Stephens

A Melbourne mother in a sexual relationship with her adult nephew helped him rape her 12-year-old daughter.The girl told police she was crying and telling her cousin to stop, but her mother held her leg for a better view, the court heard.The man, 42, pleaded guilty in the County Court of Victoria on Wednesday to persistent sexual abuse of a child under the age of 16.The 55-year-old woman pleaded guilty to sexual penetration of a child and an indecent act with a child.


The mother and nephew were in a sexual relationship when the offending started in 2011, when the victim was 12.”This is gross offending,” The breaking of the virginity,” prosecutor Michael Hennessy told the court on Wednesday.The mother and her nephew began their relationship shortly after he let the woman and her daughter live in one of his houses after she had split from her husband in 2011.On one occasion while the pair were having sex, the nephew started touching the daughter.The daughter was raped for the first time shortly after.”The girl is crying and it’s hurting . . . and [the mother] holds the leg so she can see what’s happening,” Mr Hennessy said.The rapes continued until 2014, when the girl was 15, although the mother was not involved again.They usually took place when the girl was alone in…

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