Metascan Online: Scan Files for Malware & Trojans Online

Metascan Online is an online malware scanner where you can upload a file of your choice and scan it for viruses, trojans, worms and other type of malware by multiple antivirus engines at once. It can be used for scanning single files or archives (compressed multiple files) as long as the uploaded file size does not exceed 20MB.

online trojan scan

To start click “Browse” and navigate to the file you want to submit for a scan. Then click on “Send File” button and wait for the upload to finish. Once the file is uploaded, Metascan Online will scan it and give back a report listing scan results from each antivirus engine (se screenshot below).

online malware scan


  • Scan files online for malware online (viruses, trojans, worms etc).
  • Scan as many files as you like. No email or sign-up required.
  • Uploaded files scanned by multiple antivirus engines.
  • Scan with Metascan, Norman Data Defense Systems, ClamAV, ESET, Microworld and VirusBuster.
  • Maximum allowed file size: 20 mb.
  • Compressed file scanning supported.
  • Similar websites: VirScan, Virus Scan, NanoScan, VirusTotal and NoVirusThanks.

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