Michael Blackson Previews New Friday Movie & Says "talk To Ice Cube" On The Wait

You know what that woman was going on for a long time I know recently I think Ice Cube mentioned interview day is gonna happen you know I hope it happens when it does happen i 100% be in it I mean we I know we got phone calls about three four years ago about this just to make sure everybody.

Was still where they were and then when he had nothing else about it.

And then you know now it’s back surfing again so.

Hopefully it happens and if it does happen you’ll definitely see me in it I mean me Ice Cube became really tight lately I actually only on the show that he produces called hip hop squares I love you guys watches it.

Comes on vh1 and he produces showing he I’m like their favorite person on the show and we in fact me and him are currently talking about trying to develop a TV show.

For me you know so hopefully Friday comes out you’ll definitely see me in it whenever it does happen I have no idea no date no time I can’t tell you.
Nothing you wanna suck up fuck the ice cube..

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