Microsoft sells surface laptops using Mac Book

Microsoft launched a new ad for Surface Laptop 2. And, like the company’s current habits, Microsoft takes advantage of this opportunity to control Apple. OK? By using a man named Mackenzie, his name can be shortened to Mac. Mike Books, Gedit?

Microsoft Trolls Apple With a Guy Called Mackenzie

Those of you of a certain age will remember the Get a Mac ads that ran between 2006 and 2009. They portrayed PC and Mac as humans, with PC being boring and broken, and Mac being cool and capable. It was a great campaign that helped Mac succeed.

Apple has since moved on, talking up the Mac without referencing PCs. However, Microsoft’s ads for its Surface devices openly attack Macs, and its new one is no exception. However, for this one the company employed someone called Mackenzie Book.

As you can see, the only reason Microsoft employed Mackenzie was so it could flash up on the screen “Mac Book says…” followed by a host of bold claims comparing the Surface favorably to MacBooks. The closing shot being. “Mac Book says get a Surface Laptop”.

Microsoft Really Wants You to Buy a Surface Laptop

Turning the tables in this way actually makes some sense. Apple’s Get a Mac ads, commonly known as Mac vs. PC, played on the fact people felt Macs couldn’t compete with Windows PCs. And the ad campaign was an effort to change people’s opinions.

Now, the Mac has a reputation, and it’s Microsoft trying to muscle in on that territory with its Surface devices. Hence the callback to an ad campaign that ended 10 years ago. Or, perhaps, Microsoft is still bitter about those ads and wants revenge.