Minecraft Available Soon On Many Android 2.3+ Devices [News]

Minecraft – Pocket Edition for Android is about to be re-released with support for a wider range of Android devices. Until now, the game was optimised for the Xperia Play and was not guaranteed to work well with other Android phones. This long-awaited Android application update is great news for Minecraft fans everywhere.

The application’s creators at Mojang were originally due to re-release the game on 29th September, but came across a last-minute bug to iron out. However, the instant that bug is fixed they’ll release a version of Minecraft – Pocket Edition which most Android users [2.3+] can enjoy. As well as offering support for more phones, the re-release has some great new features which Minecraft fans will love.

Minecraft lovers can pick up the Minecraft – Pocket Edition application for 4.99€ / US$6.50 from the Android Market or test out the demo version for free. The applications use Minecraft’s creative mode, and the demo version is limited so that users are unable to save their worlds.

The new application release will also offer touch-screen controls, which you can see in action on YouTube here.

Be the first to know when the bugs are fixed by following Mojang application developer David Kaplan, @Kappische on Twitter.

Source: Droid Life

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