Mon Am Announcements 11/5

Good morning with Central Elementary this is your Monday morning announcements for the week of November 5th our first full week in the month of November we’ve had the first quarter flyby here this fall and we’ve had report guards go home we’ve had parent-teacher conferences and now we’re looking into November in December so very exciting times at West Central.

And we’ll be talking about some of those in your Monday morning announcements shoutouts shoutouts for the preschoolers I noticed last week when I was going around for holiday.
gages gang had healthy snacks at their party and.

I want to give them a round of applause for that so an awesome job making healthy choices on a Halloween party great job to the preschoolers shoutouts to our students of a month for October being kind respectful and responsible also applying our words of the month cooperation and trustworthiness all those define what these students are about and I know we can each and every one of us can accomplish and strive for those characteristics each and every day so great job to this goofy goofy group of kids for students of the month.

Word of the Month for November is trustworthiness a few highlights of what it means again is being reliable doing what you say you’ll do so that may be your homework and maybe helping others they.

May be getting enough rest and coming to.

School with a positive attitude being loyal and standing by your friends okay not telling secrets not getting in arguments things like that being honest telling the truth even when it’s difficult so trustworthiness is an important word for us and a little activity to think about here who do you trust take one minute.

Who do you trust maybe a shortlist of two to three people it may be someone in your classroom and maybe somebody at home in your neighborhood and then spend two to three.

Minutes about why why do you trust that person okay and you might be listing some of the things that we have already talked about and then step two here is who can trust you and list those people take a minute just make a short list.

Of people and then take two to three minutes to figure out why or think about why okay and then at the end really look at the y-column why do people trust you and why do you trust others and then learn from that why column have you know take a look at those those reasons why and what.

Can you apply in your life to be more trustworthy here at school and with your classmates and with your teachers and at home and in your neighborhood in your communities there’s some really.
Good ideas in that list I’m sure so trustworthiness the word of.

The Month upcoming events we have a number of upcoming events at the end of this week in the beginning of next week where we’ll have visitors in the building we’re gonna have ceremonies we’re gonna have assemblies and we’ll be an auditorium so being kind respectful and responsible when we have visitors in the building is it’s very important it’s also important to be a good audience member because we have a number of opportunities when we’re going to.
Be in front of visitors in the.

Coming weeks exciting exciting events and activities that we’re going to be a part of so we have some work to do it to make sure that we hey mean we do our part to make it a good experience for everybody that will be.

There so you just want to share that with you and begin talking about a couple of those when everybody.
Have a great day in a great week very excited to have a full week of school.

Here this week and we’ll be seeing the hallways and the classrooms thanks.

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