Morata: ‘BBC advised a helmet…’

Alvaro Morata identifies who is “the boss” in the Italy and Juventus defence, joking “they suggested I wear a helmet” on Monday.

Spain face the Azzurri in the Euro 2016 Round of 16 in Paris on Monday at 17.00 UK time (16.00 GMT).

“We must remain united in order to be dangerous,” ex-Juventus striker Morata told Deportes Cuatro.

“People have tried to create too much controversy, like the one on Gerard Pique, although that was even laughable.”

Morata is considered the ‘spy’ for Spain, as he knows the defensive unit very well indeed.

“I did speak to my ex-Juventus teammates and they suggested I wear a helmet if I play! They are the architects of Juventus success in recent years.

“Gigi Buffon is a legend, Leonardo Bonucci is the boss, Giorgio‚Ķ

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