MoveOutlines: Compare Countries, Lakes & Landmarks

Here is another interesting Google Maps Mashup that lets you visually compare countries, lakes and landmarks one to another on the map. It allows you to outline any part of the world and easily compare its size with any other place on the planet. For example you can outline state of Alabama and then compare it with other states.

To see how it looks, see example comparisons: Iraq to Texas, Golden Gate Bridge to Brooklyn Bridge, Tiananmen Square to Red Square.

compare countries

To compare places simply click on the reference Map and draw an outline of the place. As you draw your outline on the reference map it also appears on comparison map where you can drag and zoom to anywhere in the world. The outline keeps the same real-world size as in the top map, so it may become very large or very tiny in the bottom map.

You can also generate a permanent URL that points to a particular comparison and share it with others.


  • Map comparison tool to compare one place to another on the map.
  • Compare almost anything including countries, lakes, landmarks… etc.
  • Generate a permanent URL associated with particular comparison and share it with others.
  • Free and easy to use.

Check out MoveOutlines @

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