Music Notation Training: Train Yourself To Read Notations Of Music Notes

Reading music notes off a staff paper requires a lot of practice. For musicians in training, a useful web app called Music Notation Training helps learn which musical notes certain diagrams correspond to.

read music notation

Music Notation Training is a free to use web app that aims to help musicians in training. The site provides its visitors with differently positioned symbols on an image. Under each symbol you are asked to type the corresponding note. As you type the note – A, B, C, D, E, F, or G – the correct note is displayed underneath, letting you know if your answer was the correct one. By doing this numerous times you will learn how to recognize the music symbols and which notes they correspond to. Furthermore students can choose from both bass and treble clefs.


  • A user-friendly web app.
  • Helps learn which notes music symbols corresponds to.
  • Works in a test-like format.
  • A highly useful tool for musicians in training.
  • Similar tools: NoteFlight, PureSolo, StudyBass, TuneMyBass and Anvil Studio.
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