My Hockey Card Collection

Oh yo guys it’s Bennifer Bennett Chitra channel here and you know I’m not in front and if you see all these hockey cards on the top of my dresser I’m gonna be showing you each card that each team that I have if I went to every card this would be a pretty long video Wow and if you see.

Those put if you spotted those pokemon cards at the top and those other cards at the top there I might do a video on those I might not so we’re gonna start out here with the Avalanche Colorado Avalanche then the Boston Bruins and if you’re noticing these like these cards I’m uh it look different from.

Lots of the rest these are like these are standard cards here these are like the newer versions these are these type are actually from Tim Hortons and so there’s some other like this type so then Boston. Louis Chicago flames picks burg the best Panthers then this is um just a thing from Tim Hortons sorry this gold cards just a thing from Tim Hortons that wins you a special card.

And I got one it’s like just last night and so it’s gonna give me a a PK Subban one it’s like really thick and so yeah that that buy that pile is the Predators then the Red Wings sorry Rangers sharks I think that Canucks this is Canucks this is just a team Argentina’s Canucks this.

Is Canucks Devils Ducks that card signed Carolina Hurricanes Edmonton Oilers – Jacque quadrille a quadrille.

Car on the Flyers thing then we’ve got John tavar the New York Islanders capitals coyotes Canadiens Dallas Stars Minnesota Wild trying to meet believes the Tampa.

Bay Lightning Ottawa Senators then up there we got the jackets the Blue Jackets LA Kings and.

The Winnipeg Jets these are just like some sign cards there’s this is the old team.

The Thrasher’s but I’ll get I’ll pull off these top ones like that’s the Jets jersey sorry it’s upside down I just did this this morning like seven and then we’ve got.

Like just random cards like just checklist cards and like they’re like stuff and then that’s a like a card that’s way bigger than all of them I don’t know how in the world I got this but it’s a McDavid card and see you later peace.

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