My Tweet Pal: A Simple Way To Prioritize Your Tweets [iOS]

If you are following hundreds of people of Twitter, you will realize that at times it gets difficult and time-consuming to find tweets that are interesting or important. My Tweet Pal is an application for iOS devices that allow you to organize your tweets with their respective priority.

prioritize tweets

Just like a voice recognition service, the user will need to use My Tweet Pal for a while to train it to the types of tweets you find interesting and want to see. Once done, My Tweet Pal will automatically pluck out those tweets and will display them to you.

The “Read It Later” option is another great addition in the app that allows you to save the tweet so you can check it out later. There are also more modes to help you filter out the most interesting tweets, which include – Auto, Author, Text or Luck.

The Auto mode displays the tweets that the app deems most interesting, author allows you to get tweets with respect to who their authors are. The luck mode randomly selects tweets from your Twitter timeline.


  • Free and easy to use.
  • Organize tweets and view the best of them without having to unfollow users.
  • Read It Later option allows users to read tweets later on when they find it appropriate.

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