My-Year-In-Status: Generate Collage From Your Facebook Statuses

A year ends once again and 2010 was a big year for social networks. It is also the year where most people wrote social updates as part of their routine. If you want to take a look back at the year that was as a Facebook citizen, then you should check My-Year-In-Status. This Facebook app creates a facebook status collage of your updates in 2010 as a journal of your thoughts and emotions throughout the year.

facebook status collage

Using this app is very easy. You just need to activate the app in your profile then click Start. The app will then generate a collage for you which you can post in your profile and share with friends. Choose from up to 8 color backgrounds and then select some status posts that you want to exclude from the collage.

My Year In Status is a great tool for anyone who want to share their Facebook experiences in one cool artwork. It is also a great way to appreciate how Facebook has changed the way we share our personal lives in this new space.


  • Facebook app.
  • Create a collage of your Facebook status posts.
  • Quick and easy to do.
  • Choose from 8 color backgrounds.
  • Exclude irrelevant and embarrassing status posts.

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